Kandao Introduces the Meeting Pro 360° All-in-One Intelligent Video Conferencing System


If you’ve been bogged down by making equipment choices for your video conferencing setup—which microphone, which speaker, how to connect to the computer or network—Kandao heard your plea and has introduced the Meeting Pro, an all-in-one conferencing 360° camera/speaker/microphone system that fits right into your conference setting with a tiny, portable form factor and minimal configuration. The plug-and-play system can work with your existing computer or laptop, or it can connect to your online meeting as a stand-alone unit, saving time, cabling, and headaches.

The 360° camera on top features fisheye lenses on two sides, capturing the entire room and then stitching the image together to create a wide shot of all the participants. The system can be configured to detect who is speaking, and the screen will add a close-up of each speaker beneath the main room image. With this configuration, the remote end can see everyone in the meeting for the entire duration, while also seeing a close-up of each speaker. The large sound system inside features eight omnidirectional microphones to capture clear audio around the room, and its integrated full-duplex speaker system features noise and echo cancellation so you can hear the remote party without interference in an area up to 18' around the unit. The Meeting Pro also allows you to record sessions onto its built-in 64GB internal drive, and you can also add your own SD card using the SD card slot for additional recording space.

The Meeting Pro runs Android, so it can easily install and update multiple apps to connect to different conferencing networks such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, and others, while providing an easy way to update its own firmware. You can stream high-resolution 720 or 1080p video directly from the Meeting Pro using its Ethernet port, or you can cut out the extra cabling and use the Wi-Fi feature that supports 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. An HDMI connector allows you to output video to a display, projector, or electronic whiteboard, and a USB Type-A port allows you to plug in a keyboard/mouse. You can also configure the Meeting Pro using the included remote controller that allows you to control all the features such as volume, mute, settings, record/stop, and resolution.

There are so many ways to use the Meeting Pro to connect to your virtual video conferences, and all of them are quick and simple.


How will the Meeting Pro fit into your conferencing workflow? Have any questions? Ask us in the Comments section, below.