NAB 2018: Luxli Expands LED Orchestra with Cello RGBAW Light


Carrying a roll of gels around is now a thing of the past, especially when you take a look at the Luxli Cello 10" RGBAW LED Light, being released at NAB 2018. This compact camera-mountable panel offers 176 LEDs, each of which can quickly change to produce red, green, blue, or white. In addition to this useful function, the Cello has another trick up its sleeve in the form of Bluetooth connectivity.

During operation, the Cello offers users three distinct modes, depending on the exact use case. The primary options are going to be the White Mode, for more conventional adjustment of the color temperature from 3000K to 10000K, in 50K increments. Next is the specialized RGB option for creating nearly any color you can imagine with 1° of precision. And finally, there is the Gel Filter Mode that lets you choose a standard color temperature and then apply an adjustment that mimics the effect of one of the 150 colored gels programmed into the unit.

All these features are cutting edge but, to get the most out of the light, you are going to need simple and intuitive controls. The Cello provides two main options—users can choose between physical dials and an LCD screen on the rear of the unit or use the Conductor app on their iOS or Android device. Mobile connectivity is made possible through an integrated Bluetooth chip and dramatically increases total possibilities for the unit, even allowing for customized sequences, matching of color from an image, and synchronization of multiple Luxli Orchestra units.

Plenty of standard features are also available on the Cello, such as dimming from 0-100%, a 1/4"-20 mounting thread, and a standard L-series battery mount for power. This makes it a handy, portable option that will fit into many existing kits.

What do you think of the Luxli Cello and its Gel Filter Mode? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below!


Still hoping to see this light on the Daily Deal section. $250 - $300 I think will be the sweet spot for this light. 

Thanks for the reply, somehow I missed that. I've put it now in my wishlist to get an automatic update when it goes back on sale again. 

I love the Viola (I bought 2 on B&H sale) the Cello with high CRI is of a great interest to me. As soon as there is a daily deal on it, I'll probably pick up 1-2 of them. BTW, B&H should work out a daily deal with them now. like a release/NAB special pricing  just to get the initial word out. 

I was just informed that Gradusgroup that Luxli is part of is actually owned by B&H. 
Which is cool. I wish there was a better disclaimer about that. But it also makes a great argument to have a nice intro pricing on this ;) 

I really like the Luxli Viola light, so this is of great interest for me.  Very flexible, potent lights.

Sounds interesting, would nice if you put in a cost before you ask us to order....

The order now link brings you to the product page which has the most current pricing.