New Studio Cameras, HyperDeck Studio, and More from Blackmagic Design


The exciting news from Blackmagic Design today includes the release of multiple new live video-production components. These latest goodies from Blackmagic include two new Studio cameras, pedestal-style focus and zoom controls, four new HyperDeck Studio models, and a new Web Presenter 4K unit. Many of the new components are priced the same as the prior models even though their features have been upgraded significantly. Like all the Blackmagic products, these latest items are designed for ease of use with ergonomic forms and strategically placed controls.

Studio Cameras

Let’s start with the new cameras. Blackmagic has released two new broadcast-oriented cameras with up to 4KUHD capture: the Studio Camera 4K Plus and the Studio Camera 4K Pro. Both models are designed to speed your setup and feature a compact and lightweight reinforced carbon fiber exterior, both physical control knobs and a 7" touchscreen with full camera control, a tripod plate system, a folding sunshade, 15mm LWS rod clamps, and an MFT (Micro Four Thirds) lens mount. Compared to earlier studio cameras, these latest models feature excellent low-light capture with up to 25,600 ISO and +36dB gain, perfect for available light event capture and dimmer locations. A built-in color corrector is handy for live events, and 13 stops of dynamic range, LUT input, and Gen 5 color science give you cinematic image control. Both cameras feature a larger, more visible tally light, which is sure to be appreciated on both sides of the camera.

How do these two new cameras differ? The Studio Camera 4K Plus is designed to work with Blackmagic’s ATEM Mini Pro switcher and so eliminates some of the 4K Pro camera features duplicated in the ATEM like 12G-SDI input and the XLR audio inputs, while the Studio Camera 4K Pro features XLR audio inputs, as well as 10G Ethernet.

Studio Camera 4K Plus (left) and the Studio Camera 4K Pro (right)

Both cameras are compatible with the upcoming Studio Converter and pedestal-style zoom and focus controls. The Studio Converter unit enables you to power and control the Studio cameras using a single copper Ethernet cable―ideal for arenas and other venues that may lack power at your camera position and where multiple cables would present a tripping hazard. The zoom and focus controls feature solid, smooth movement and dual USB Type-C ports for daisy-chaining units. Use these controls to add broadcast-style control to widely available still photo MFT-mount lenses.

HyperDeck Studio

Blackmagic has upped recording and playback options with four new HyperDeck Studio models. All feature user-inspired touches like a front 3.5mm headphone jack and a speaker with level control.

The HyperDeck Studio Mini totally updates the prior version with faster uploading, a timecode generator, a USB3 output for recording to flash drives, and the ability to stack multiple units for extended or ISO recording. It retains the reference generator, HD/SDI monitor outputs, and dual media slots of its predecessor but has 3G-SDI instead of 6G-SDI outputs.

Hyperdeck Studio Mini
HyperDeck Studio Mini

Expanded to a 1/2 rack size (from 1/3 RU) the HyperDeck Studio HD Plus has a larger form with easier-to-use front panel controls, 6G-SDI input/output, and an HDMI input compatible with the ATEM Mini and consumer-style cameras. The Studio Plus supports the space-saving H.264 SDI format and can output up to UHD 4K30 in select file formats. Multiple units can be looped for control via the reference and timecode interfaces.

Hyperdeck Studio HD Plus
HyperDeck Studio HD Plus

Designed as a replacement for both the HD Studio and Studio Pro models, the 6D-SDI HyperDeck Studio HD Pro retains the dual SSD drives, dual SD card slots, and dynamic recording light indicator of its predecessors. It adds new formats, onscreen overlays, faster Internet, and new control options. It also sports a new search dial (control wheel) with a solid-feeling mass and a clutch that offers shuttle, jog, and scroll modes for comfortable, precise footage and menu control.

HyperDeck Studio HD Pro
HyperDeck Studio HD Pro

For top-of-the line recording, go for the HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro. Identical to the HD Pro in form, the 4K Pro ups the ante with 12G-SDI input and offers redundant AC power supplies plus a DC power input. The dual-link 12G outputs provide 4:4:4 playback capable of handling graphics overlays and H.264/H.265 file playback from computer inputs. A future software update will add 10G Internet and faster USB Type-C interfaces. A new Universal Shelf Rack will also be debuting in a few months.

HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro
HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

Web Presenter 4K

Livestreaming at resolutions up to UHD 4K with up to 12G-SDI input can now be handled with the Web Presenter 4K. With a built-in compression engine, this unit can stream directly to social media platforms and automatically up- or down-converts your footage if necessary.

It incorporates USB connections for linking to a web camera and outputs display parameters via a monitor output. You can also stream using your phone’s 4/5G mobile data with the Web Presenter 4K.

Web Presenter 4K
Web Presenter 4K

Explore all these exciting new pro video components and the entire Blackmagic line on the B&H Photo website. And share your questions and thoughts about them down below in the Comments.


When are these expected to be available? If I preorder today, will I have them in a month, a year?

> Both cameras feature 10G Internet, a larger, more visible tally light, and improved audio options including XLR inputs

This is not correct - the cheaper model does not seem to feature 10G internet OR XLR capabilities. 

This seems to be wrong on the store page for the Plus as well, which states "XLR & 3.5mm Audio Input, Built-In Mics"

Thanks for bringing that discrepancy to our attention Kendall, we've updated those camera features in this announcement and in the Studio 4K Plus camera description.