Riley Remote Control Security Camera: For the Kid in All of Us


Are you looking for a security camera, but want versatility in placement? Does mounting multiple cameras to your wall frighten you? If either of these concerns applies to you, check out iPATROL’s Riley Home Security Camera. With Riley, you don’t need to worry about mounting positions, cable runs, or power supplies. Really.

Riley is a remote-controlled camera that operates over Wi-Fi for easy connectivity. Simply download the free appbot RILEY app onto your iOS or Android device and gain access to move Riley, update settings, receive alerts, and more. Designed with rugged grippy belts, Riley can go on most surfaces including shaggy carpets, hardwood floors, grass, concrete and more; but don’t worry, if Riley flips over due to poor navigation or negligent driving, he can get back up without help.

The camera has a 5MP 1/4" CMOS sensor to capture 720p video at up to 10 fps. Riley can also produce clear video and accurate images at night, thanks to a built-in IR LED. Charge Riley on the included docking station to get up 1.5 hours of run time from a single charge. When the battery is low, and Riley is within 30" of the station, all you need to do is point him at it and Riley will automatically move onto the station and begin charging. Even while Riley is charging, 360-degree turning allows him to continue monitoring your home.

Additionally, Riley has a built-in microphone and speaker so that you can hear what is going on around him and speak to those near him. You can even use Riley as a personal assistant by speaking through him instead of going down the hall to call your children into the kitchen for dinner. If you’re in the market for a security camera, but want the versatility of a multi-room setup, Riley is a great choice. Please note that Riley will not clean your floor.