Roland Releases New V-1HD+ Video Switcher and Switcher/Encoder Bundles


Add a new video switcher to your live event or livestream with the V-1HD+ Compact Video Switcher, just released by Roland. The V-1HD+ is a significant upgrade from its predecessor the V-1HD, adding numerous features such as an updated 14-channel pro audio mixer, additional tactile knobs and buttons, four-layer effects for graphics and social media, eight memory presets, automatic switching, and the ability to livestream your video output via a computer. Also just released by Roland is a series of switcher/encoder bundles with the V-1HD+ as well as its existing V-series video switches and the UVC-01 USB Video Capture device that facilitates livestreaming and recording via a computer or USB device. The new bundles include the V-1HD+, V-1HD, V-02HD, V-8HD, and V-60HD video switchers.

Roland V-1HD+ mixer buttons

The V-1HD+ is just as compact and portable as its predecessor, but it packs even more features, dials, and buttons into the interface to offer a full-featured mini production mixer/switcher. It features four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs to send up to 1080p60 video for recording, broadcast, or streaming. There is also a 10-window multiviewer preview display function that allows you to utilize one or both HDMI outputs for previewing shots, stills, graphics, and camera status.

In addition to the standard source, preview, mix, cut, and auto buttons, fader bar, and fade in/out knob on its predecessor, four physical memory buttons have also been added to choose up to eight presets quickly for stills and effects sources. It also features four-layer graphics with visual effects and a downstream keyer (DSK) that allows for picture-in-picture (PiP) windows on video output, ideal for live events such as sports, stage productions, or presentations. There is even a recording control button that is compatible with Atomos recorders to start and stop recording your HDMI output, saving time and ensuring your recording is monitored during your live production. A tally output is also included to ensure your active camera tally lights are in sync.

Roland V-1HD+ audio features

The audio portion of the switcher has also been upgraded with a 14-channel audio mixer, a three-band equalizer, a high-pass filter, a compressor, a noise gate, as well as a sync delay to ensure your video and audio streams are synced. It features two 3-pin XLR inputs, each with +48V phantom power support, for an external mixer board or direct microphone input that can be mixed with the HDMI input for effects and audio mix layering. It also features 2RCA line in and 1/4" TRS outputs for monitoring, in addition to the embedded audio in the PGM output. Physical knobs have been added for gain, volume, line in, and main volume, and even a one-touch limiter button so you can mix seamlessly without needing your eyes on the switcher.

Roland UVC-01 USB Video Capture

The new V-1HD+, V-1HD, V-02HD, V-8HD, and V-60HD video switcher/encoder bundles all include the respective switcher and the mini UVC-01 USB Video Capture to connect your switcher to a Mac or Windows computer to utilize any V-series switcher as a webcam for livestreaming. It features an HDMI input and a 3.5mm analog audio input for additional audio feeds such as music or crowd noise, and it converts the audio and video to a USB 3.0 Type-B output. It supports uncompressed video output from the switcher up to 1080p60, the perfect HD resolution for a livestream, and it is powered via the USB port on the computer, so there is no need to add a power supply.

Roland V-02HD Switcher

For more information on the Roland V-1HD+ and the new switcher/encoder bundles, check out the B&H Website, and when in New York City, feel free to visit the B&H SuperStore and take a peek at what is on display.