Take Control with the New edelkrone Controller v2


Announcing edelkrone’s the new edelkrone Controller v2, which brings dedicated wireless control of edelkrone’s motion-controlled sliders, jibs, heads, and dollies, from up to 82' away. The dedicated controller has the essential features of the edelkrone App, which allows you to save your phone for other things like ordering lunch or searching the Web. The v2 features a bigger OLED display and double the battery life of the original edelkrone Controller, for up to 10 hours of use. You can also now hardwire it to your compatible edelkrone devices to control them from up to 131' away. For creating simple time-lapse camera moves, nothing beats the Controller v2 in terms of speed and ease.

Controller v2

Controller v2

Enjoy the speed of setting up and programming edelkrone hand-control devices—such as the SliderPLUS, JibONE, and HeadPLUS—by positioning the device by hand, and then pressing and holding a keypose button to store the position. You can also move the controller like a magic wand to control pan, tilt, swing, or slide, but although it may feel like it, it isn’t really magic. Instead, it is edelkrone’s Gesture Control Mode, which works with the JibONE, Pan PRO, HeadONE, HeadPLUS, SliderPLUS, SliderONE, DollyONE, and DollyPLUS.

The v2 is an exciting upgrade for your compatible edelkrone devices, helping you to create simple camera moves quickly and easily and control your devices without requiring your mobile device.

Have you used the Controller in the past? Please share your experiences with the edelkrone Controller in the Comments section, below, and all the ways you plan to take advantage of the improvements of the Controller v2.