The Live Planet 360 VR Camera is Here. Are You Ready?


The B&H Pro Video department is excited to announce the Live Planet end-to-end 360 VR system, the all-in-one VR camera system with livestreaming capability. Setting up the system takes less than 15 minutes, and it records to a single microSD card. There is no post stitching software required since the camera stitches together one 4K video image from its 16 sensors in real time, with HDR selectable. Your footage can be in either 180- or 360-degree video format and can be streamed to all major platforms as simply as turning on your device, connecting to the Internet, and choosing your streaming destination.

Live Planet 360 3D VR Camera
Live Planet 360 3D VR Camera

The system consists of four integrated components designed using a modernist aesthetic to create a device that is simple and elegant in appearance and use. The camera has been designed for all-day use and viewing, and provides images with no lens distortion, reducing the eye strain and nausea often associated with extended viewing of 360-degree footage. Additionally, the 16 cameras mounted around the circumference of the unit provide perfect stereo capture of the objects, even those close to the lenses, for natural-looking stereo footage with no distractions. The distortion-free video is processed in real time by the built-in stitching box, creating video without ghosting or other artifacts. The integrated encoder box handles the task of encoding your video, and the streaming box, integrated into the unit as well, enables live streaming.

Get started with the Live Planet VR System
Get started with the Live Planet VR System.

Controlling your Live Planet can be done from virtually any mobile device with real-time color grading, plus, you can preview your video on an optional stereoscopic headset before you start streaming. Video is recorded on one microSD card, freeing you from having to buy, keep, and store multiple cards just to later create your video.  For size, quality, and ease of use, the Live Planet 360 VR Camera has arrived and is ready to reinvigorate the VR industry and your 360 video and VR projects.