The New Canon C300 Mark III and New 25 - 250mm Zoom Lens


Just when you needed something to look forward to, Canon leads the way with its new Canon C300 Mark III camera in EF mount and new 25-250mm zoom lens. Topping the list of improvements over the C300 Mark II is the new sensor. Canon's DGO Dual Gain Output Super 35mm sensor provides more than 16 stops of dynamic range, further protecting the highlights, while still seeing deep into the shadows.

Canon C300 Mark III

However, it isn't just the increased dynamic range that sets this sensor apart from others—the sensor incorporates two separate amplifiers, which together create an HDR image that has excellent saturation, with limited noise degradation. The DIGIC DV 7 Image processor enables internal Cinema RAW Light 4K at up to 120 fps, and still has the horsepower to handle Canon's powerful Dual Pixel Autofocus.

DIGIC DV 7 Image processor

A perfect match to the new Mark III is the 25-250 Super 35mm zoom lens. The new lens is available in Canon EF or ARRI PL mount, and it features a removable servo drive.

The lens can be used on dramatic, narrative, feature length films, as well as documentaries, and it is suitable for use with a variety of lens controllers, including Canon's standard broadcast lens controllers.

Canon CINE-SERVO 25-250 T2.95 - 3.95 lens
Canon CINE-SERVO 25-250 T2.95 - 3.95 lens

More than just a sensor overhaul, the Mark III features a lightweight body that has an interchangeable lens mount between Canon EF and PL, and the camera supports a host of attachments that further expand the power and output options of the camera.

This makes for a flexible platform that can be adapted to your shooting style, from full-blown studio production, to stripped down for drone use. The modular design allows you to configure the camera precisely as you need without sacrificing image quality.

As far as image quality goes, the new 25-250mm zoom lens is designed with Canon's color science, and it provides a 10x zoom range, with 4K optical performance throughout the range. For a longer reach, it features a built-in 1.5x extender.

Available in either EF or PL, the EF mount supports Canon's electronic communication contacts, while the PL lens sports Cooke /i technology. Two extension cables, a 7.9" and an 11.8", allow for flexibility in configuring the lens to match your set up. In uncertain times, it is good to know that Canon is keeping the whole production picture sharp and in focus.


Is the new Canon C300 Mark III on your acquisition list? Are you excited about its updated features? Let us know in the Comments section, just below.



Not for non-highend pro users. If you are not earning hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars producing cinematography... this camera is not for you. You can do what you need with far less. But, if you really want to look cool shooting your small-end game, this is an AMAZING camera. Oh how I wish I had 3. ;) 

I would say the price point of this camera is comparable to all previous versions, and is the industry standard for low to mid-level production.  I am not sure what you are referencing in this comment.

Just putting the price point into perspective. It's not for a hobbyist. I often see people complaining that this line is not "affordable." A basic rig will cost far more than the average cinematographer needs to spend for what they are doing. If you are not shooting at least TV production content, you should not consider this price point. This is not for the guy making a living shooting weddings. 

Does this brand new camera support ProRes RAW?

Canon was start DSLR cinema revolution , but now already loser ... 

Same specs ( 4 K RAW , 120 FPS  )  has on RED Raven  in 5 years ago .

Canon EF mount ?  For vintage lenses ?

RED Comodo use modern Canon RF mount ...

Canon , time for wake up !!!

Have you used a Red Raven in a run and gun scenario? No!

Specs, specs, specs - every time Canon release a new camera some whiner goes on about specs. Give me strength.

Thank God it's EF mount - Not sure if you are aware, there are actually NO RF mount cinema lens available IN THE WORLD ANYWHERE!!! - NONE!

Akhmt - It is maybe time for YOU to wake up - do you work as a camera operator because your post screams AMATEUR TROLL to me!

The C300 series are such a great run and gun camera - built like tanks - I have had my C300MKII rained on, constant filming on the ocean getting hammered by sea spray, accidentally dropped and they never, ever fail - EVER. They are the most incredible, durable beasts of cameras - can't wait to buy the MKIII 

$2200 for the Locking CM-V1 EF mount? Is Canon serious? The ARRI AMIRA Locking EF mount is $1400. The RED DSMC VV AL EF mount (also with electronics) costs $950. The Blackmagic  Ursa Mini PL mount with Cooke i Technology is $245. Outrageous.

You failed to mention how much more the ARRI AMIRA costs compared to the C300MKIII - now that's outrageous!!! Selective amnesia.