What Makes the New Godox Litemons COB Lights So Brilliant?


Quietly building a following among still photo and video creators for a variety of video, lighting, and audio products, Godox has released four new COB lighting units. The Litemons COB units are available as the LA150 Daylight, LA150 Bi-Color, LA200 Daylight, and LA200 Bi-Color. These extremely bright lights fit right in on cine-style, ENG, broadcast, and still photo sets, as well as for use by YouTubers, V-bloggers, and documentary makers.

COB LED Lighting

Featuring the Litemons badge, these four powerful lights leverage what Godox has learned from its previous COB lighting units, creating a series of flexible units with more control and features than Godox’s existing continuous output lighting units. COB (Chip-On-Board) lights tend to be more energy efficient, have reduced light loss, and produce less glare than typical LED (SMD) lights that have LED lamp beads attached to the base surface, making them a great choice as a light source.

Light Features

These streamlined units feature a built-in cooling system, XLR power input, stepless dimming, and single-handed control for easy use. The high TLCI 97+ and CRI 96+ ratings indicate a high degree of color reproduction accuracy, ensuring both natural tones and uniformity when combining multiple units and matching other light sources.

Choose between the daylight-balanced LA150D/LA200D and the LA150Bi/LA200Bi, with a wide 2800 to 7500K color temperature range for matching your ambient light. Using the included reflector provides the LA200D with an output of 101,000 lux at 3.3'.

Generously ventilated to aid cooling during sustained use or in warmer environments, each light mounts on a standard 5/8" light stand stud and offers a substantial tilt range.


With the Godox Light app, all the adjustments you can make locally on the fixture are only a finger-tap away, making it so easy for you to change the LA Series’ brightness, color temperature, and effects and for them to work together with other LED members belonging to the Godox family. The daylight-balanced fixtures sport eight lighting effects modes—Flash 1, Flash 2, Flash 3, Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm 3, TV, and broken bulb—while the bi-color units feature the same eight effects and add three more: Candle, Fire, and Firework.


Compatible with the common Bowens mount for reflectors and accessories, these light fixtures allow you to use many of the same accessories that you may already have.

How do you see these versatile Godox Litemons COB light fixtures fitting into your video or stills capture? Let us know below.