Zhiyun-Tech Adds Focus to Its Crane-2 Gimbal Stabilizer


Here at B&H, we love watching products evolve, and we are happy to announce the Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2, a handheld gimbal stabilizer with built-in follow focus control. Supporting cameras and lenses weighing a total of 7.1 pounds, the Crane-2 can work with mirrorless and DSLR cameras. A simple cable connection between gimbal and camera provides you with control over some camera parameters such as TV, AV, ISA, and EV. However, when using an autofocus lens, the Crane-2 enables real-time focus control of your camera via a built-in follow focus wheel. The follow focus system features three levels of focus adjustment, and it is extremely accurate, featuring a plus/minus precision of 0.02˚, which means that with the Crane-2, exacting focus pulls are at your fingertips.

The Crane-2's notable features don't stop with its integrated follow focus capability—Zhiyun-Tech packs a lot of features into this handheld device. A built-in OLED screen shows the menu and helps you navigate through the gimbal and the camera's many functions and modes. Built into the gimbal is a "quick control dial," which lets you select between camera parameters like TV, ISO, and EV. These adjustments are quick and don't require any other software or hardware. With a payload of more than seven pounds, flying a mirrorless camera or DSLR is a breeze. New software algorithms double response speed and improve motor torque by 50%, resulting in a powerful, nimble, and accurate stabilizing gimbal. You might expect that increased torque and response would result in poor battery performance, but that is far from the truth, because the gimbal's batteries last a maximum of 18 hours per charge. Designed with a "slow-fall" power-down sequence, turning off the gimbal causes it to release the power to the motors slowly, so the gimbal doesn't instantly go limp, potentially jarring your camera. Rather, the motors slowly release, gently lowering your gimbal to its non-powered state.

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Please raise the standards of this otherwise useful coverage by requiring the manufacturer to be up-front about the limitations of their central feature on this product.  It remains hidden from the specs on this site, and everywhere else, that the Crane 2 is totally incapable of focus control on Sony, Panasonic, etc. cameras -- it only works on some Canon cameras and lenses.  Lots of customers are being misled, and returning the product as a result.  Warning customers about this product limitation will save a lot of financial and environmental waste...