Binge-Worthy B&H: 10 of Our Best Videos on Tips and Tutorials


Since 2007, the B&H Photo Video YouTube channel has been home to helpful tutorials, honest reviews, and the best head of hair on the Internet. Now, thirteen years and over a quarter of a billion views later, the B&H YouTube channel continues to put out binge-worthy content that’s informative, educational, and entertaining. Here are some of our current favorites.

Product Photography at Home

Jake Estes and Bobby Sansivero give a quick crash course on how to shoot product photos at home. Check out the video for some great tips on product setup, lighting, and what equipment to use, no matter your budget.

13 Creative Exercises for Photographers

Need a creative boost? Todd Vorenkamp and David Flores provide 13 exercises you can use right now to add new levels of creativity to your photography.

How to Record Audio for Video

In our multi-part Audio for Video series, we show you how to record and edit audio for your video projects. The pilot episode provides a basic intro to gear, recording tips, and techniques.

7 Ways You’re Using Your Camera Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes. But we learn, we improve, and we keep shooting. Check out this video for 7 ways you might be using your camera wrong, and how to correct them.

Film Set Lingo for Beginners

In this video, movie-set aficionado Jake Estes runs us through the long, strange history of movie-set lingo. Learn all about the unique nicknames and quirky phrases of sound and screen, while trying your best not to stare at Jake’s very interesting hat

How to Take Portraits in Harsh Sunlight

Need some help shooting portraits in direct sunlight? David Flores drops in with some helpful dos and don’ts of capturing great photos in the sunlight.  

Peter Hurley’s 5 Tips for a Great Headshot

World-renowned portrait photographer Peter Hurley gives us 5 great tips for capturing a better headshot. Hurley is a giant in the world of photography, and when a giant talks, you should listen.

Clean Up Your Mess in Adobe Lightroom

Cleaning up your workflow isn’t always fun, but it’s so necessary. In this video, photographer Tim Grey provides some excellent tips on how to clean up your mess in Adobe Lightroom.

Shoot Family Portraits During the Holidays

David Flores is back with some great tips on how to shoot better family portraits during the holidays. Flores breaks down the importance of location, shooting in black-and-white, and how to keep things simple.

10 Ways to Use a Color-Changing LED

Jake Estes shows us 10 new ways to use a color-changing LED in our next shoot. To help illustrate and illuminate his points, Estes brings along Luxli’s versatile, multi-color LED, the Timpani.

What do you think about binge-worthy tips and tricks videos? Any we missed? Any we shouldn’t have included? Let us know in the Comments section, below.