Used Audio Visual

Choosing Used Audio Visual Equipment

Buying used audio visual equipment is a smart way to get the top brands and products at reduced prices. Choose from used audiovisual lamps, projectors, and lightboxes for presentations, and more. Whether you need visuals to teach classes or you want to watch movies on big projector screens, A/V equipment does it all.

Using an Overhead Projector

An overhead projector is a variation of a slide projector. It has a focusing lens that projects light from a slide onto a screen. A benefit of using an overhead projector is that while operating it, you can still read the slide, making it useful for giving lectures or teaching. These devices also allow you to prepare notes and class material ahead of time, as well as face the audience while presenting.

Multimedia Projectors

To display videos and sound, in addition to still images, used multimedia projectors are a suitable choice that will save you money. Play DVDs, show slideshows, and connect to computers with these more-advanced HD projectors. They're versatile for use in home theaters, as well as in workplaces or classrooms. There are even ultralight multimedia projectors that work perfectly for giving presentations while traveling. Add accessories like remote controls and stands for even more options.

Other A/V Presentation Equipment

There are plenty of other used A/V equipment choices to choose from in addition to used projectors. For example, lightboxes illuminate from the inside and allow you to view images in high contrast and brightness. LED lightboxes enable artists to trace or transfer sketches. A loupe is another accessory that provides extra magnification when used with a lightbox. Slide viewers allow you to look at slides without projecting them onto another surface. It's also a smart idea to familiarize yourself with replacement components, such as projector lamps and slide wheels for quick repairs.

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