Bag & Case Accessories

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Learning About Camera Case and Bag Accessories

Camera bag accessories fit inside a bag or case to help organize and fasten your gear. If you're buying a new camera case or just want to update your present one, consider some useful accessories.

Interior Accessories

Whether you're a new photographer or a pro, it's likely you'll need holders for some essential photography accessories. Among the most common are:

  • Batteries: Place these in zippered pouches, battery cases, or pouches with Velcro® fasteners
  • SD cards: Since these can be very small, carry them in a case designed to hold multiples, or in a general-purpose utility bag or box with compartments
  • Cables: A multipurpose bag or box holds most cables, and if you prefer more organization, choose a case with snaps or compartments to keep cables separated
  • Camera straps and harnesses secure your cameras for stability when shooting and traveling.

There are also pouches for photography equipment.

Exterior Accessories

Even if your shoots are close to home, consider accessories for protection and convenience.

Combination Locks

Choose these for hard and watertight cases, as they're more secure than keyed locks, easy to use, and durable

Luggage Straps

Use on either hard or soft-sided bags for extra security and for identifying your bags

Zipper Pulls

These make opening and closing bags easier, and you can customize them with colorful tape or cord for extra identification

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags not only separate your bags from those of others, but they're also useful when tracking lost bags or cases

What to Keep in Mind

  • If you're traveling by air, choose accessories for your camera bags that both enhance security and comply with air travel regulations, such as TSA-compliant locks
  • If you carry a lot of gear, opt for accessories with windows or labels so you can easily tell what's inside
  • For delicate items, such as lenses or filters, consider padded or fitted cases designed specifically to protect those items

Whether you know what you want, or you're looking for different options, let B&H Photo be your guide to what's available for photographic accessories.