Power Options to Charge Any Device

People depend on an array of digital devices to work and navigate daily life, so it's important to keep everything charged.  Find power solutions for your phone, camera, laptop, and more.

Portable Batteries and Power Options

Disposable batteries are perhaps the most versatile battery type. The portable single-use batteries power a myriad of devices, from toys and flashlights to smoke detectors. Tiny single-use batteries, such as button cell batteries, give power to smaller items, such as watches and hearing aids.

For devices that require the use of batteries and power for an extended period, rechargeable batteries are the best bet. Video and photography gear, like hot shoe flashes, benefit from portable camera batteries that can be charged hundreds of times. Integrated lithium power in laptop batteries and cell phones can last for years if properly recharged.

Mobile Device Power

Portable power solutions don't last indefinitely, so you need other ways to keep up the energy for your devices. For mobile device power, products such as AC charger adapters and external battery extensions provide power without worry of your laptop batteries running out of juice. Electrical plug-in adapters that connect to devices via USB or other means will power your phone, as well as wireless charging stations, which make charging a breeze for any electronic item that can accept the base plate's charge.

Stationary Power Solutions

When you need to settle into one spot, there are options for staying charged for any task. Students and professionals benefit from peripheral power solutions, such as an extension cord or a power strip cord that arranges multiple cord connections, to save space and conserve energy. For professional camcorder batteries and power options, a power station with multiple charging connections allows swapping of batteries on the job. If you have a computer system, home theater setup, or audiovisual equipment that needs to run 24/7, take the step to protect them with surge protector power strips and a dedicated UPS backup that gives uninterrupted power in case of power loss.