Used Optics & Outdoors

What You Need to Know About Used Optics

Used optic devices include binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, riflescopes, and much more. Buying used gives you the ability to own quality optical gear at affordable prices. 

Choosing the Right Outdoor Optics

Depending on their objective lens sizes, used binoculars are ideal for a variety of outdoor uses. Use binoculars for bird watching, landscape viewing, or tracking targets when hunting. With used spotting scopes, you can view across greater distances than with binoculars. They're ideal for sea and land viewing, as well as for range shooting. If you like to hike or watch wildlife at night, consider investing in used night vision scopes. If you're into stargazing, check out used telescopes.

Used Optics Features

Magnification is important for all used scopes. The higher the magnification power, the closer your object will appear. If you're hunting with used riflescopes, high magnification can reduce your field of view to increase the temporal resolution. The field of view describes the range of scenery you're able to see with your scope. Higher magnification produces lower fields of view, which is ideal for target shooting. When hunting with riflescopes or bird watching with binoculars, you need a larger field of view for easy tracking and spotting of targets. Reticles provide measurement references for your visual examination for hunting or target shooting. Thick reticles work well for hunting to allow quick and easy aiming while thinner ones are ideal for range shooting because they don't block the target.