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Understanding the Different Types of Bulbs and Lamps for Photography

Photographers today have a wide variety of bulbs and lamps to consider when shooting. Different rooms, shooting locations, and subjects all require different lighting. B&H has the solutions you need, whether you're searching for ambient lighting, accent lighting, or anything in between.

What Are Photography Bulbs?

Photo light bulbs are lights used specifically in cameras and photography. There are many different types to consider, including LED lights, fluorescent bulbs, and incandescent bulbs. Strobe lights are effective outdoors because they're always daylight balanced. Some situations demand even more specialized photo bulbs, such as underwater flash lamps.

Using LED Daylight Bulbs

If you're aiming for a white-toned light rather than a typical yellow ambiance, then LED daylight bulbs are a solid option. Color temperatures are approximately 5,000K, producing an energizing effect. You may find these daylight bulbs as you search for lighting lamps and flashtubes, as this type of lighting offers bright white intensity.

Daylight bulbs provide a level of light similar to being outdoors under the bright sun. Until recently, shooting indoors required photographers to switch to tungsten halogen bulbs to achieve optimal white balance; now, LED daylight bulbs allow you to achieve the right level of light under any situation.

What Are Fluorescent Lamps?

Fluorescent lamps use mercury to create UV light to illuminate your photography studio. Fluorescent lighting is known for its energy efficiency and its cool color temperatures. Like daylight lamps, fluorescent lights also create an extremely bright white effect. Fluorescent lamps may be a suitable option if you're building a budget-friendly studio. These lamps also work well for product photography.

B&H has everything you need to achieve the perfect lighting for your next shoot. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.