Racks & Furniture

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Learning About Racks and Furniture

Racks and furniture hold, transfer, and move heavy or delicate equipment, and can help keep cords organized. Rolling TV stands make it easier to move televisions and media players without having to carry them by hand, keeping you and your equipment safe. Protect expensive gear with security doors that lock, or choose easy-access options such as rack draperies.

What's a Wall Mount Rack Enclosure?

Wall mount rack enclosures keep audio, video, and networking equipment protected and out of the way. Use rack-mounting kits and brackets to secure wall mount racks properly and prevent sensitive equipment from damage.

Travel Racks and Mobile TV Mounts

A variety of mobile carts and travel racks is available to help you protect your gear. The durable chassis on a mobile cart protects contents from breakage, and helps the cart absorb shock. Carts also have room for your equipment and charging cables, so you don't need to worry about power cords rolling under wheels. Use furniture racks such as shock-absorbing audio rack cases to protect delicate sound equipment. Businesses can use mobile TV mounts to make video presentation equipment more accessible to the entire office.

Ways to Organize with Carts and Racks

Make your space seem bigger by organizing with furniture racks and accessories. Keep books, DVDs, CDs, and game cartridges off the floor by organizing them on book carts. Carts and rolling TV stands are a smart way to keep equipment stored but accessible. Mobile cart accessories such as power supplies and security doors let you power up and protect expensive equipment at the same time.

B&H Photo and Video has racks and furniture as well as cabinets and other home and office tools to help you keep devices organized and secure. Order charging stations, rack mount kits, and more for your audio and video equipment.