General Audio Accessories

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Benefits of Patchbays, Metering Tools & General Audio Accessories 

Audio accessories can help you create a robust studio and get the most out of your equipment. Whether it's installation tools, carts and hand trucks for transporting your equipment, metering equipment or patchbays, choosing the right accessories can make your job much easier. There are several types of audio accessories available, including portable devices and accessories designed for studio applications.

Types of Audio Meters

Use audio metering tools with audio input devices to give you a visual representation of audio data. There are different audio meters available, from spectrum analyzers to K meters and phase meters. Different devices measure different audio data, but most options include sound pressure level (SPL). SPL measures loudness, displaying this data in decibels. Handheld audio analyzers connect to microphones, and are ideal for TV and film sets. Sound engineers monitor these handheld analyzers while the cameras are rolling. Tabletop and rack-mounted meters keep the meter in one place.

Choosing the Right Studio Patchbays

Studio patchbays help you keep all the inputs and outputs of your audio devices in one place. They also allow you to isolate audio devices and inputs. There are several types of patchbays—audio patchbays, visual patchbays, and patchbays for both audio and visual. Balanced and unbalanced patchbays have a variety of connectors—1/4 inch, RCA, XLR, and TT. Also known as bantams, TT patchbays have 96 points of connection, whereas 1/4-inch patchbays have 48, and can be more cost effective for the novice or beginner sound technician. If you're only working with unbalanced audio equipment, choose RCA patchbays, which are compatible with most pro audio equipment.