Used General Lighting Accessories

Exploring Used General Lighting Accessories

Buying used light fixtures and lighting accessories is an easy way to save money on fixtures, stands, and other equipment. Browse used lighting studio and stage equipment for photo shoots and live performances. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or an up-and-coming moviemaker, consider used lighting gear to get the most out of your budget.

Using Light Fixtures

Light fixtures typically consist of a body or housing, and one or more lamps, and come in a variety of options and bulb types such as LED or fluorescent. Common examples of mounted studio lighting equipment include panels, spots, and boxes. Used ring lights and flashes that attach directly onto cameras for hands-free lighting are other options. These options work well for shooting on location or on the move.

Mounting Accessories

It's important to consider mounting options for lighting and rigging. Telescopic light poles make moving and adjusting fixtures simple. Poles with balance balls at the grip ends are handy choices that allow you to shift the weight from place to place for comfort and support while working on the move. Other options, such as used light stands and booms, help keep fixtures in stationary positions. While not all light stands have boom arms, those that do offer increased height and range of positions.

Choosing Other Accessories

There are plenty of accessories for improving your home studio or lighting setup. Consider used backgrounds and accessories to spice up your photos. Products include both background fabric and stands, which can be purchased separately if you merely want a new color or pattern. You can buy a receiver that triggers flashes and other lighting equipment to activate at specific times. These options allow you to automatically operate multiple devices at the same time.

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