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The basics of Headphones for Audiophiles, Pros & DJs

Choosing Headphones and Headsets

Headphones and headsets have revolutionized the way people enjoy music and voice over recent decades. They allow everyone to have a private, high-quality listening experience at home with stereo systems, or outdoors with portable disc or digital audio players. Explore all the possibilities when shopping for headphones, earphones, and headphone accessories.

Which Headphones and Headsets Deliver the Best Sound Quality?

Traditionally, audiophiles have prized over-the-ear headphones, such as studio headphones, as their size allows them to contain larger, more efficient audio drivers, while roomy ear cups block out extraneous noise. The second choice would be on-ear units, which don't seal the ears. However, technological advances have resulted in compact models with stunning sound quality and sound-isolating and noise-canceling functionality.

Headphones vs. Earphones

With earphones and headphones both capable of rendering excellent audio, the choice is one of convenience and comfort. If you plan to listen at home, the larger models with soft covers make excellent choices. Likewise, DJ headphones need to be comfortable enough to wear for hours. Earbuds and compact earphones are ideal for an active lifestyle, as their smaller profile allows for more movement,  and they're easier to pack in a bag or purse.

Picking the Right Headphones for Gaming

When choosing gaming headsets, it's important to note that they demand some special features. First, you need excellent sound quality to enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. The set you choose needs to feature microphones so that you can keep in touch with fellow gamers. In addition, be sure they're comfortable enough for extended use. If you use a game console, check out headphones specifically designed for that console. For example, you can find Sony models for the PlayStation that offer virtual surround sound and 3D audio technology.

Which Headphones Are Best for Working Out?

Listening to music or podcasts is an ideal way to make use of your time in the gym or on the jogging track. Headphones and headsets used on the go need to be sturdy to handle knocks, lightweight for comfort, and waterproof to resist perspiration and the weather. Desirable features include on-cord controls and integrated microphone to handle phone calls.

You also need to choose earphones that stay in place during vigorous movement. Options include special sports earphones, which clip around the ears, or models with a neck band which fits on the back of your neck. Wireless and Bluetooth headphones are ideal for action buffs, as there are no cords to snag or tangle while in motion.

Headphone Accessories

Key headphone accessories include the cables, plugs, converters, and extensions that you need to hook up to your player or phone. You should also consider headphone ear tips and cushions to replace worn-out parts. Another handy item is a stand to securely hold your headphones or earphones, which keep them ready for use.

Superior wired and wireless headphones and headsets can deliver sound to swoon over, both at home and on the move. Check out B&H Photo and Video's line of top brands to find the ideal earphones and accessories for your particular needs, including everything from adapters and extenders to headphone covers.