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Audio Solutions

Audio problems happen. It's important to know that audio solutions are available. Understanding your gear when creating pro audio recordings is essential when those problems do arise. 

Using a Hum Eliminator

Hum eliminators are a solution if you're struggling with a buzzing or humming noise with your live sound system. The ground loop hum occurs when there's a difference in electrical potential at the grounding points of your sound system. Inserting a hum eliminator between the two pieces of equipment where the buzzing sound is coming from should solve the problem. In-line versions work with a single cable connection, whereas multi-channel hum eliminators have multiple XLR or 1/4-inch connections.

What Are Matching Transformers?

If you're setting up a large sound system, electrical impedance is a significant concern, and can cause problems such as echoes or colorations from the mismatched circuitry. If you want your audio equipment to reach its full potential, you need to eliminate impedance issues. You can do this by matching load impedance to ensure optimal power transfer between your audio devices. Matching transformers keep your impedance levels balanced between your audio connections, and eliminate background noises and distortion.

Understanding Audio Interfaces

With an audio interface, you can connect all kinds of sound equipment to your computer. Computer audio equipment includes microphones, musical instruments, and other equipment that you can connect directly to your computer. With laptop audio interfaces, you can record high-quality audio with a single computer, thus eliminating the issue of needing several pieces of equipment to create sound. An audio interface also creates a higher quality, more accurate sound when you play back audio with your computer. You can connect your audio interface to your computer in several different ways, including Firewire, PCI, Ethernet, Thunderbolt, and many others.