Whiteboards & Easels

Learning About Whiteboards and Easels

In either classrooms or professional settings, whiteboards and easels can be essential in the way that you provide information. An easel is an effective way to show your boss and coworkers the results of a recent project. Presenting lectures or complicated math problems to your students is easier with a whiteboard display large enough for everyone to see. With the advancement of technology, electronic whiteboards are an option to take the place of traditional ones. The type of display you need depends on the environment and crowd of people that you're trying to reach.

Standard and Electronic Whiteboards

Standard whiteboards, also known as marker boards, are the most common type of boards you see in classrooms. With chalkboards being obsolete, marker boards are the new standard when it comes to relaying information to students. You can use standard whiteboards with wet or dry-erase markers, and they often come with trays to keep your markers and whiteboard erasers close at hand. They are available in large display models that you mount on walls or they're standalone, and depending on the brand, they can be double-sided models or magnetic models. 

Electronic boards are interactive whiteboards, where you can display content for your class or present at your job. Some digital whiteboards come equipped with the following optional features:

  • Handwriting recognition technology: Translates your handwriting into an easier-to-read font
  • Connections ports: Connect to devices such as laptops, USB devices, cameras, and printers
  • Save options: Save what's on your board into picture formats, including JPEG and PNG
  • Multi-touch: Allows more than one user to write at a time
  • Built-in speakers: Used to accompany video outputs

If you need smaller interactive tools, electronic paper displays offer many of the same features, and are useful for one-on-one and for smaller presentations.


Easels are another type of projection board. Use them with dry-erase markers, and you can mount them to walls or set them on easel stands. Easels are portable, lightweight, and easy to move around a room if they aren't mounted. The height is adjustable for optimal viewing, and some are magnetic and come with clamps to hold up charts or papers needed for presentations.

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