Kino Flo

Kino Flo Professional Lighting

Kino Flo lighting is a big name in LED and light production sources for movies, broadcast television, and photography. Its superior quality has even won the company an award for technical achievement.

Kino Flo Light Controls for Film and Photo

Most people use Kino Flo equipment for film projects, but many of its light controls are also suitable for photography. Light reflectors are a form of light control that helps produce softer or edgier lighting effects by bouncing light at different angles. Most light reflectors consist of polyester materials for durability, and they're available in several colors. Other options include Kino Flo barndoors and snoots. Barndoors help you control the shape of broad light without affecting quality, while snoots create narrower, circular beams that are harsher. Barndoors come in two- and four-door options and are common staples on movie and television broadcast sets. Snoots are generally for creating focused lighting for photography or theatrical use.

Honeycomb Grids Uses

Honeycomb grids are light modifiers that resemble honeycombs, and most people use them to create low diffusion and concentrated beams of light. You can mount honeycomb grids to Kino Flo fixtures to prevent light from bouncing. This type of modifier is fitting when you require intense, focused light beams. Unlike single-channel reflectors, these grids have several black channels that prevent light from bouncing off the sides.

Kino Flo Lighting and Accessories

Steady your Kino Flo lights with professional-quality light stands, mounting brackets, and more. Use cool lighting options, such as the lightweight Kino Flo Diva, for on-location shoots. Opt for brighter, wirelessly operated remote control LED lamps or fluorescent light ballast kits. Modify existing lighting equipment with Kino Flo Floziers and softboxes to produce different lighting effects.

When it's time to upgrade your setup, head to B&H Photo and Video for Kino Flo light sources and other lighting accessories, such as reflectors, lamps, and light stands.