Used Light Controls & Accessories

All About Used Light Controls and Accessories

If you're just starting out, or if you're taking your studio to the next level, buying used light controls and accessories is a cost-effective way to create the studio of your dreams. Learn about the various options before making a purchase.

What's a Barndoor?

In stage lighting, use a barn door in conjunction with a Fresnel lantern that uses a Fresnel lens. The Fresnel lens casts a broader, softer light, and is either backlighting or top lighting. You can manipulate the beam for less with used lighting barndoors and shape the light to a particular area.

Lighting Reflectors

A photography umbrella is a type of lamp reflector, sometimes referred to as a softbox. A lighting reflector gives you another way to manipulate the light so it best creates the effect you want. Along with lamp reflectors, there are board reflectors, commonly called plane reflectors, boards, or bounce boards. This type of reflector is usable independent of a light source, to cast a broader light or control shadows and highlights. You can control how your light lands on your scene more economically with used lighting reflectors.

What's a Lighting Scrim?

Scrims work to affect the light properties. They can filter or diffuse illumination, reducing the intensity of the light. You can use scrims on natural or human-made lighting, both indoors and outside. Many used lighting scrims are available to help you achieve the look you need.

Lighting Accessories

Controlling the lighting on your set gives you innumerable ways to create signature moments. Pantographs enable you to suspend your scrim or photography reflector, increasing your range of movement. If you want to attach your softbox to a hot light or strobe, you'll need a speed ring. A snoot fits over your light or strobe and lets you control the size of the ring of light that you cast.

Bring your set or stage to life, while saving money, with used light controls and accessories from B&H Photo and Video.