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Guide to Professional Video Studio Equipment

To create high-quality videos that'll increase your viewership, consider professional studio equipment. With the vast amount of equipment available, it's necessary to understand your video shooting needs to get the right gear.

Live Streaming Setups

Live streaming equipment such as pro streaming camcorders, streaming encoding software, streaming media switchers, and other accessories are ideal for professional vloggers and media personalities looking to share their video content online. With a single HD camera, you'll need a capture device to pick up the camera's signal and a software encoder to encode and send the footage to your preferred media platform.

For multi-camera broadcasts, shop for powerful encoding hardware to get thorough and refined footage. Multi-camera live broadcasts are suitable choices for professionals looking to maximize their creative outputs using source cropping, picture-in-picture layouts, live switching, and more video edits. They're ideal for live event broadcasting, interviews, video game competitions, tutorials, and more.

What Professional Studio Equipment Do You Need?

Video switchers are hardware devices used to choose (or switch) between different video and audio sources. Some models have additional features for mixing and adding special effects to footage. Professional video production switchers and accessories are especially useful for film, TV studios, and production trucks. If you're a cinematographer or film director, consider investing in directors' viewfinders to help you set the framing of motion pictures.

Use teleprompting equipment—devices that prompt your speaker or presenter with a visual text of script/speech. This maintains the illusion of spontaneity, and allows for consistent and more accurate speeches. Waveform monitors are professional video signal measurement devices used to evaluate the brightness of an image to meet broadcast standards and make adjustments for aesthetic considerations, such as color grading.

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