Computer Monitor & Display Accessories

Shopping for Computer Monitor Accessories

Selecting the right monitor accessories is an important part of any new computer purchase. There's a lot more to the process than just finding a cord that fits on both ends. If you want to get the most out of your computer display's high resolution, you need to find cables that'll utilize every single one of the pixels.

Perhaps as important as finding the right cable is finding a mount for the display. If you're concerned about ergonomics, you should look for a wall mount for your monitor to avoid strain on your neck and back. If you're considering going 3D, you'll want to check out display accessories and glasses.


How Do I Connect My Computer Display?

It's tempting to think that connecting the computer to the monitor is all you need, but this overlooks daily uses that are likely important to you. If you want to connect a laptop or digital camera to the computer display, you'll need additional cables and adapters to ensure connectivity. If you've purchased a high-definition monitor to stream demanding video, you want the speed and quality that an HDMI cable offers. Running multiple displays requires extra connections, so you'll need adapters designed to run monitors in parallel. After you've acquired display accessories to maximize your monitor's potential, be sure to run calibration tests to ensure that everything is working properly.


Other Monitor Accessories

Connecting the monitor to the computer is the first step, but it's worth thinking about what other accessories you need to maximize your monitor's potential. If you use more than one computer display, you should look into monitor mounts and stands to hold your multiple screens and neatly conceal their cables. On the other hand, if you work with teams and expect frequent visitors, look at a pole-mounted display that makes it easy to reposition the screen to share work. If you work with important intellectual property or sensitive documents, consider the added privacy that a display hood offers.

How Do I Clean My Monitor Display?

An often-overlooked aspect of a computer setup is the necessity of cleaning. Monitors are especially damaged by electrostatics, so having the right cleaning tools ensures safe maintenance and solid performance. If your monitor uses 4k technology, opt for cleaning pads that will rub away dust and residue without leaving microfibers behind. If you want something that can clean without the need for spraying chemicals on your display accessories, use specially designed wet wipes to clean without creating static.

Whether you've upgraded from an old monitor or are setting up a new work station, having the right accessories will ensure optimum performance from your monitor. Check out B&H Photo and Video's selection of display accessories to find the equipment you need to get the most out of your computer screen.