B&H Photo is every savvy technophile’s source for leading-edge cameras, electronics, computers and more—so naturally, we stock a broad range of products from a world-class brand like Panasonic. For decades, Panasonic has been the name to know in highest-quality, newest technology in consumer electronics for everyday and professional use. From LUMIX mirrorless cameras, consumer and professional camcorders and security cameras to headphones, blue-ray players, radios, speakers, computers and tablets, visit B&H Photo’s NYC SuperStore to try out your next Panasonic purchase or for customized advice and tips from our resident product specialists. You may also locate Panasonic TV accessories on our shelves, as well as the occasional rare, hard-to-find collectible item in our Used department.


Since B&H Photo is an authorized Panasonic dealer, we also hear news of upcoming sales and special discount programs—like official trade-in promotions and rebates—first. Check back often to see how much you can save on your favorite electronics brands, or set up a stock alert to see if an item’s price drops.


A leading electronics manufacturer for over a century, Panasonic was founded in 1918 as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. After first specializing in light bulbs, the company expanded its offerings, building a reputation as one of the world’s premier makers of consumer electronics.


Proven innovations in professional and consumer photography, video and cinematography have produced a trusted and creative range of advanced technological tools that can equip and enhance the work of imaging creators of every stripe. Panasonic's innovation also extends to professional and broadcast video cameras, commercial/professional security camera systems and TOUGHBOOK handheld tablets for professional mobile computing.