Shopping for Pelican Products

Pelican is a brand known for its sturdy, airtight, molded plastic cases and luggage. In addition to equipment cases for military, law enforcement, and fire departments, Pelican also makes protective cases for the consumer market. Besides bags and packaging units, other products from the brand include flashlights, drinkware, and coolers.

Types of Pelican Cases

The most popular ones are hard and watertight cases. These come in four sizes: micro, small, medium, and large. Pelican makes specific cases for different applications. These include models used for carrying cameras, drones, firearms, laptops, and more. Pelican DSLR cases have foam-padded liners with cutouts for camera bodies and lenses. Just as with other cases from the brand, you can buy replacement Pelican divider sets to repair their interiors.

The company also offers protective cases for mobile devices. You can find Pelican phone cases for iPhones, iPads, and flagship smartphones from Samsung, LG, and Google. To carry electronics and sensitive equipment, choose cases under the brand's Storm line. Pelican Hardigg cases are for server racks, large screen displays, and other fragile computer hardware.

Materials Used for Pelican Cases

The company uses a plastic copolymer made of polypropylene for the outer shells. This material is durable, lightweight, and chemically inert. To make its cases airtight and watertight, the manufacturer installs O-rings in the lids. These are made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which is a water-, steam-, and chemical-resistant plastic. It uses Gore-Tex for each case's pressure equalization or purge valve.

Choosing the Right Pelican Cooler

First, choose between soft and hard coolers. Pelican cooler bags have soft fabric outer shells, while its hard models have rigid plastic shells. Consider size and capacity when shopping for Pelican coolers. They comprise of single- and double-lid models and come in capacities ranging from 13 to 250 quarts. The lineup also includes wheeled coolers with two heavy-duty wheels and a pull handle.

Pelican Travel Accessories

Besides travel-ready hard cases, Pelican also makes backpacks, duffel bags, and wheeled luggage. Pick a duffel bag to take to the gym or to carry during short trips. Cross-country and overseas trips require wheeled luggage, while backpacks are suitable for carrying essentials in the city and on hikes. Choose Pelican backpacks to carry laptops, cameras, and clothes.

If you're going camping, consider packing a tactical flashlight. Other types of Pelican lights include headlamps and safety lights for work sites. There are also right-angle lights favored by firefighters, other first responders, and military personnel. Their forward-facing heads make it easier for these professionals to see directly in front and use them hands-free by wearing them on their uniforms. The company also makes dive lights for underwater adventures.