Portable Recorders & Accessories

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Learning About Portable Recorders and Accessories

Portable recorders and accessories allow you to record high-quality audio anywhere. Most offer stereo (or two-track) recording modes. However, for recording events that require multiple sources, you can find devices that can record up to six tracks simultaneously. Some advanced models even offer virtual tracking, which allows you to record several takes and decide on the best one.

Portable Digital Recorder Uses

You can use portable recorders for a variety of applications, including interviews, lectures, meetings, concerts, recitals, song demos, and more. These devices are small enough to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand, and they're great for everyday use. They also require little to no setup and are easy to use—simply point them at the audio source and press the record button.

Unlike traditional audio recorders, portable audio digital recorders have no moving parts that generate noise, which makes them quiet during recording. If you need special audio adjustments for your recordings, shop for recorders with amplifier modeling features.

Portable Audio Recorder Accessories

Since you'll be moving around with your device, you'll need to invest in a reliable portable digital recorder case to protect it from dents or scratches. You may also want to shop for windscreens for portable audio recorders to help you reduce breeze and wind noises as well as plosives when recording outdoors. To store your recordings, choose a memory card with adequate storage capacity. Attenuator cables allow you to attenuate audio signal levels without distorting the signal waveform. They have an input jack on one end, an output socket on the other, and a slider in the middle.

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