Pouches for Photography Equipment

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How to Choose Camera Pouches and Cases

Camera pouches and cases provide security for your camera and accessories while you travel. To protect this important gear, use the right carrying case style and materials that fit your type of equipment and portability needs.

Molded Camera Pouches

To get a guaranteed fit for a point-and-shoot or a basic DSLR camera, look for dedicated compact cases made specifically for your camera's brand and model. These include custom padded pouches and hard-molded silicon cases that help guard a camera against drops and jostling. For stylish, snap-shut protection, there are a variety of Canon and Nikon camera bags available, as well as compact, padded designer leather camera bags.

Strapped Camera Bags

New cameras often come with holsters and DSLR camera bags that conform to camera contours with enough room for a lens and some accessories in an outer pocket. You can use a basic protective holster together with camera straps and harnesses to keep the camera on your hand or body.

While a holster bag may be fine for filming a family reunion, a bike trip on which you want to take along multiple lenses requires a mobile carrying case with more room. For added storage space, use wrap-around bags and slings that fit easily on your body. A sling pouch over the shoulder or waist rotates easily for access to items. With any style, make sure the bag and case straps are secure, but soft enough for continuous wear on the trip.

Secure Accessory Storage Bags

The gear your camera uses should be secured by placing fragile photography items in properly packaged pouches. Protect fragile lenses from scratches with sturdy lens cases that use an inner layer of rigid foam padding to surround the lenses. For flash heads, protective flash pouches made of flexible neoprene material resist dirt and dust during a trip. Look for camera carriers made of waterproof materials with fasteners for belt attachment, too.

Whichever camera bags you choose, check that they can securely carry the items you need in comfort, and that they offer the convenience you desire. Check out B&H Photo and Video for pouches and protective cases to keep your camera safe and secure.