Lighting Power & Cables

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Lighting Cables and Power Sources

Studio lighting power supplies such as DC and AC power adapters are specifically designed to provide the best voltage for your equipment. The adapters and cables you need will vary based on the power your lighting requires. For instance, lighting power packs for strobes are chosen by watt seconds, a unit that measures the strobe's power output. The higher the intensity of your strobe, the higher voltage it'll require, making ballasts a useful multi-purpose tool for strobe lighting.

Lighting Power Packs

Lighting power packs include ballasts and power supplies, batteries and chargers, and cables and connectors. Power supplies such as power inverters change direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). If you need this type of current, you can purchase AC or DC power supplies for lighting individually. Ballasts help limit the amount of current that reaches your equipment, to prevent overload. Using batteries with chargers for lighting gives you a convenient and cordless option for outdoor shoots. Lighting accessories such as adapter cables and connectors, battery adapter plates, and power and extension cords increase the usefulness and flexibility of your studio lighting.

When to Use a Power Inverter for Lighting

Instead of carrying around several cords, imagine a single tool that allows you to use multiple types of current. Power inverters allow you to switch between currents without changing your cables. Pure sine wave inverters give clean voltage such as standard household electricity, and they help reduce audible noise such as humming from fluorescent studio lights.

USB cords are an excellent way to charge smaller cameras and cell phones from any USB outlet. For larger items such as studio lighting equipment, video cameras, and monitors, using USB power inverters is recommended. Most USB inverters are modified sine wave, so it's important to find out if your equipment accepts pure sine wave only—and shop accordingly.

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