Creating the Right Environment with Profoto Lighting

Profoto serves professional photographers by designing lighting tools for all techniques and scenarios. Whether it's a brief flash or continuous light, the right balance and type of illumination is crucial for taking high-quality photos.

Illuminating with Flashes and Monolights

Profoto flashes come in a range of sizes to suit the needs of modeling photographers and other professionals. There are small, highly-portable models such as the A1, as well as larger Profoto heads such as the Pro B and the Pro 7. Ring-shaped lights mount onto cameras for reducing shadows, and to clearly show fine details.

Remote Control with the Profoto Air System

Controlling Profoto lights for optimal results is easy thanks to its Air remote controls. Air remotes synchronize the camera's shutter with the flash with precision, and allow for adjusting the energy level as needed. These remotes are versatile and compatible with multiple heads.

Shaping Light with Diffusers and Reflectors

When shooting with continuous lighting, Profoto offers an array of accessories to shape and modify the light as needed. Grids alter the angle of light, while gels add a vibrant tint of color. Umbrellas and other diffusers also modify the quality and shade of the light, and are made of durable materials that withstand the high temperatures created by bright photography lights.

Power and Portability

Continuous power is essential for running high-demand photography equipment, but so is portability. Profoto power packs provide a convenient place to plug in devices with Profoto power and head cables, and have handles for easy lifting and carrying.

A selection of camera packs such as backpacks and carrying bags offer a safe mode for transportation. These feature padded interior compartments to protect valuable gear when traveling.