Tabletop, Cubelite & Tent Shooting

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Tabletop Photography Studio Kits

Tabletop studio kits can showcase your retail items in the best light possible. Use items such as tabletop cycloramas or shooting tents and tables to create muted light effects and soften lighting for product photography. With the right tent and table light kits, you can take detailed product photos without a lot of space.

Photography Turntables

Photography turntables produce impressive 360° product shots. A product turntable or photo table is a stage on which you place your product. Once the turntable is on, it rotates the product so you can photograph every angle without making adjustments to the product every few shots. Turntables are available in several sizes, and they fit easily inside tents and cycloramas. They're sturdy enough to hold shoes, laptops, and cameras—or busts for displaying jewelry.

Tabletop Photography Accessories

Select tungsten, fluorescent, LED, and other studio lights to highlight your products, or choose copy stands and copy lights for continuous control shots. A cyclorama works well with natural lighting and LED cube lights, and you can still have a solid color background to display products. Non-reflective tabletop backgrounds come in various colors, and you can attach them to cycloramas or tents with clips. Some tents have ceilings that soften and reflect the camera's flash, for maximum light coverage. Other shooting tent and table accessories such as tent lights, camera stands, and reflectors have an effect on how your products look in photos.

B&H Photo and Video has camera stands, power cords, and batteries, as well as some of the best tabletop photography studio kits available. Find all the accessories you need to shoot your products.