Professional Video Processing & Distribution

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Signal Converter and Video Distribution Equipment

You can design, build, and enhance your video production materials with professional tools such as signal converters, signal modulators, signal generators, and audio delay boxes.

We are long past the days of a single video projector, a large screen, and no audio. Advanced electronic equipment makes it possible to broadcast entertainment and information videos across thousands of miles or between devices. With the right gear, you'll deliver solidly professional videos.

Understanding Signal Converters

Signal converters are vital to effective video distribution. You may be familiar with VGA to HDMI or composite to HDMI converters that transfer old videotapes and distribute them to high-definition output devices. The concept is the same with all signal converters. An analog-to-digital converter, referred to as ADC, disassembles waves from an input device such as a microphone, packages them up, and then sends them over the communication system. A video distribution amplifier, referred to as VDA, receives the video input, amplifies it, and then delivers it to multiple outputs. At the receiving end, the opposite process takes place. A digital-to-analog converter, called DAC, reassembles the waves for production.

Audio Delay Boxes

Sometimes, the packaged signals arrive at the output at different times. Using professional video and audio delays, such as audio delay boxes, can reduce synchronization problems. Or, if you're broadcasting live, you can use the delay as a buffer to avoid any unsuitable language or gestures.

Other Video Distribution Equipment

Develop an arsenal of tools for creating custom videos and for editing and distributing them to your audience.

Remember to shop for necessary accessories, too. From HDMI splitters to power supplies, and racks and shelves, having these extras on hand makes the distribution process smoother.

Find all of the professional video processing and distribution equipment you need to take your studio to the next level, at B&H Photo and Video.