Camera Supports & Mounts

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Choosing Camera Mounts and Supports

With a wide range of camera mounts and supports, it's hard to know what will work best for your project. To decide whether to choose a beanbag support, a chest-mounted camera rig with an extension pole, or a camera wall mount, it helps to know a little about the camera stand options available.

Beanbag Supports

Beanbag supports are great carry-along items on any shoot. They fit comfortably with your camera gear, are lightweight, and very versatile. You can use a beanbag on rough or rocky terrain to help level your shooting ground, to support your zoom lens, or on top of your desk as a quick stand-in for a tripod. The inexpensive accessory will come in handy for many situations.

Chest-Mounted Camera Supports

Whether you're stargazing, researching in the field, or following live action, a chest-mounted support rig allows you a full range of movement while relieving the fatigue a long shoot can cause. Hands-free body camera vests allow you to stay up close in action scenes. Heavy-duty, vest-based camera mounts keep your camera ready when you're in the field birding or shooting wildlife. Lighter-weight chest mounts enable researchers to document their work with ease.

Extension Poles

Expand your reach with extension shooting poles. Lightweight, telescoping poles allow you to reach your lens into the heart of the scene, or take selfies that look as if they were taken from afar. The options for extension poles are comprehensive, including water-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled, and transparent models. You can find what you need to make that perfect shot, or buy something that lets your imagination wander. Check out a range of monopod heads and accessories as well to customize your gear.

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