Professional Video Recorders & Duplication

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Selecting Professional Video Recorders

Professional video recorders allow amateur filmmakers to upgrade their productions, making them suitable for YouTube, vlogging, and TV. These devices extend recording capabilities and overcome some of the constraints and limitations of mirrorless cameras and DSLRs when used for filming.

Portable Digital Video Recorders

Storage capacity is a particular constraint with 4K. Depending upon the format, each minute of raw footage requires around 2GB of storage. This is why portable professional video field recorders with high-capacity SSDs are popular. Some cameras, including certain models from Sony and Canon, accept dedicated RAW recorders attached directly to the camera. Other alternatives include small portable recorders that use SSDs or high-capacity flash memory fitted to the camera cage for direct recording.

Video Recording Monitors

Camera LCD screens are small, not that bright, nor always convenient, so film producers often use monitor mounting brackets to fasten portable monitors to the camera cage. To save space and reduce weight, professional video recording monitors expand on this concept by incorporating a video capture card and some form of storage that directly records the video feed. Some models use one or more slots for high-capacity UHS-II SDs, while others have compact SSDs to extend recording capability.

Video Recorder Accessories

Popular professional video solid state recorder accessories include anti-glare screen protectors and sun hoods to minimize the effects of bright sunlight. Similarly, deep protective hoods screen drone monitors so pilots can navigate safely in bright conditions. Sound is a key component of filming, and time code stamp generators ensure sound captured on separate audio recorders is correctly synced during editing. Other essential accessories include connection cables, trigger cables, and professional video solid state recorder power cables.

Duplicating, Saving, and Archiving Video Files

Share your work with CD DVD duplicators that copy video files into Blu-ray or standard DVD formats. Also consider using archive drives for storing film clips and video material in a safe but readily accessible format that doesn't take up valuable hard drive space.

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