A Look at Westcott Lighting Products

Westcott produces high-end lighting equipment for photography and film use. Innovative designs and high-quality materials make Westcott one of the most trusted brands among photography pros.

What Are Reflectors?

A reflector is a form of lighting control used to bounce lamp lighting to produce softer or harsher effects. Photographers most commonly use reflectors for portrait and still life photography. Options like 5-in-1 collapsible reflectors provide you with silver, gold, white, black, and translucent reflective materials so that you can create a variety of lighting effects. Use Westcott collapsible reflectors in combination with portable lighting arms and stands for a compact and lightweight solution during on-location or studio shoots.

Using a Rapid Box

A Westcott rapid box is a light modifier that gives you a line-of-sight option by allowing you to mount your speedlight flash to the rapid box modifier. The rapid box also turns into a beauty dish with the simple addition of one of the manufacturer's deflector plates. If you're unsure of what equipment works together, or are just beginning your photography journey, opt for Westcott lights and lighting kits. Westcott light kits work smoothly with its own lighting systems, and may include accessories like umbrellas, softboxes, backgrounds, modifiers, cases, or stands.

Westcott Softboxes and Backgrounds

Westcott softboxes come in several shapes including rectangular, round, and octagonal, which gives filmmakers and photographers options for multi-angle light modification. Westcott also offers backgrounds made of durable materials like vinyl, cotton, canvas, and polyester. Use Westcott polyester backgrounds as effective backdrops for portraits, headshots, and other studio shoots. Tough canvas and vinyl backgrounds don't tear easily and are weather-resistant options for on-location shoots in various climates.

Complete your studio with a full suite of Westcott products. If you have any questions about the brand or the equipment, please contact us.