Wired Microphone Accessories

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Looking for accessories for your wired microphone?

Choosing Wired Microphone Accessories

While a microphone stand may be the first mic accessory to come to mind, a wide selection of other accessories can help you get the most out of your microphone. Accessories play an important role in capturing high-quality sound, and beginning users as well as professional musicians and audio technicians benefit from them. Whether you want to record outdoors and need special gear, or you're just looking to stock up on extra parts, plenty of wired microphone accessories are available to get the job done.

Using Microphone Stands

The job of a microphone stand is straightforward: to support and hold the mic in position. There are many options to consider, each designed with a specific function or style in mind. Common types include tripod stands, which often feature booms for longer reach, and round base stands with sturdy, heavy bottoms. There are also smaller options available, such as desktop stands, meant for interviews or podcasts. Low-profile stands are ideal when you need to mic up bass drums or guitar amps.

What Are Microphone Holders?

Even if you already have a stand, you may still want to consider other accessories that'll step up your setup. Microphone holders, clips and mounts keep the devices in place, and you can attach them to various surfaces. While microphone clips aren't usually very complicated accessories—often plastic screw-on attachments—other microphone mounts can range from simple connectors to more complex shock mounts designed to reduce outside noise interference. Other choices for advanced audio setups include pro audio grips and microphone suspensions, for maximum positioning options.

Wired Microphone Accessories for Location Sound

Sometimes you need to capture sound outdoors or when you're on the move. In these situations, there are microphone accessories that provide a huge advantage in achieving high-quality audio results. Since gusts of wind can add undesired noise to your recordings, microphone windshields are an important part of a location sound setup. They work to reduce the amount of noise generated by wind. Microphone foam windscreens provide a basic solution, are generally inexpensive, and you can use them on most mic models. High-end options, such as shotgun wind protection, are designed for a specific category of professional microphones.

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