Wireless Microphones for Live Sound

All About Wireless Microphones

With wireless microphones, you can deliver a speech, musical performance, or comedy routine without any cord obstacles. These mics offer an improved range of movement, allowing you to walk around freely with a clear path, without tripping on wires, and without concern about running out of cord length. Another benefit with wireless mics is that there's no need to connect cables, so the set-up time for live events requires less time and effort.

How Wireless Microphones Work

Wireless microphones do the same job as corded ones—they convert sound into signals that go to a sound system. However, instead of converting sound into an electric signal, as a corded mic does, a wireless one converts sound into radio signals that transmit to the sound system through the air.

What Makes Up a Wireless Microphone System?

The majority of wireless microphone systems are comprised of transmitters, receivers, and microphones. Live sound wireless transmitters send signals from the mic and are usually nearby the sound source. Some kinds, such as body-pack transmitters, can attach to the users for improved connection. Live sound wireless receivers pick up radio signals and then they convert back into audio. For the best results, you'll want to house wireless microphone receivers near the sound system.

Types of Wireless Mics

There are a few different kinds of mics to consider. Wireless handheld microphones are probably the most common variety and are what you'll typically see singers using for concerts or karaoke. Most have transmitters built right into the mic, so you don't need a separate unit. Clip-on lavalier wireless microphones and headsets are additional options that have the advantage of hands-free use, making them an optimal fit for public speakers and interviews. Other variations include digital wireless microphones, which transmit digitally modulated waves for decreased interference, as well as wireless Bluetooth microphones.

For streamlined and clutter-free performances, events, or plays, consider wireless mics. Find everything you need for live sound wireless systems at B&H Photo and Video.