DJI Camera Drones

Aerial Exploration with DJI Drones

DJI drones come in models designed for beginners, hobbyists and professionals. Whether it's taking an aerial selfie or mapping out a parcel of land for a construction project, DJI has a drone that can handle the job.

Spark Drones: Simple and Streamlined

DJI Spark drones are ideal for those just getting to know their way around drones. Controlling one from a cell phone offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface, and they even have the capability to respond to simple hand gestures. There are also convenient features such as QuickLaunch to get them in the air quickly, and ActiveTrack to follow and continue recording a subject that's on the move. The small size of Spark drones makes them portable and safe to fly indoors.

Enterprise-Level Abilities of Matrice Drones

Those in construction, engineering, and filmmaking appreciate the benefits and features of DJI Matrice drones. With the TimeSync feature, you get accurate geotagging of your machine. Their rugged housings stand up to demanding and rough environmental conditions, and their powerful rotors allow for carrying heavier DJI Zenmuse aerial cameras. They also often offer the capability to connect dual DJI drone cameras, with one to capture images and video and the other to give the controller a wider view.

Equipping a Drone with the Right Camera

Think about the weight of a camera and the take-off load limit of your drone before attaching. For aerial mapping, consider cameras that capture a wide field of view and record in high quality for sharp detail even at a great height. Accessories such as DJI Follow Focus attachments allow precision control over camera movement and focus.

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