Gear Protection

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Protect Your Camera Gear

From simple camera rain covers to form-fitting DSLR camera protective wraps, there's gear protection to fit your camera and your budget. Get to know specialty items that safeguard your equipment from weather, humidity, dust, and rigorous use.

Digital Camera Skins

Like gloves for your camera, DSLR camera protective wraps, or digital camera skins, help guard your camera against scratches, rough handling, and falls. They are commonly made of silicon or neoprene, which can both reliably protect your gear. Neoprene is useful for protection against moisture and silicone is suitable if you work around high temperatures. Skins fit specific models of most major brands.

Protective Wraps and Mats

When you need extra protection for a lens or other delicate piece of equipment, cover it with a mat or wrapping cloth. With pliable outer covers and padded inner covers, these wraps come in a variety of sizes, and most have convenient closures like fastener tabs. In most cases, personal preference will guide your choice.

Waterproof Bags and Covers

While your camera may have water-resistant features, it likely won't stand up to a downpour or a white-water rafting trip. The nature of your shoot will determine if you need a covering that'll hold and protect all your gear, or one that secures your camera only. Waterproof bags keep all your gear dry on the road or the water. Styles include backpacks, traditional camera sling bags, camera holster bags, and dry bags.

For simple rain protection, you need a camera rain cover. Easy to carry and to have available in an emergency, rain covers fit multiple models and brands.

Dry Cabinets and Dehumidifiers

Your gear may be sturdy, but it still needs protection from insidious intruders like dust and humidity. Dry cabinets and dry boxes are enclosed units that maintain moisture at a controlled level for your complete rig. If your gear is in a storage room, you'll need a stand-alone dehumidifier for humidity control.