Pro Video Camera Sliders

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Shopping for Video Camera Sliders and Accessories

Video camera sliders are a lighter and more compact alternative to a dolly and track. Whether you're taking a feature film or a wedding video, camera movement is the best way to tell a story. Most professional video camera sliders have manual camera movements; however, motorized camera sliders come with motor controls that facilitate smooth, automated motion.

Choosing the Right Video Camera Sliders

The ideal pro slider should be able to handle the weight of your camera and the rest of your setup. 

The length of your slider depends upon your type of videos. Sliders with tracks of 31 inches and above cover most professional video-shooting situations. However, most sliders longer than 31 inches require extra accessories, such as camera slider tripods, to enhance the smoothness and stability of your shots.

Deciding on Video Camera Slider Accessories

Choose professional video camera slider accessories, such as automatic panning brackets, to easily set up on the slider and allow you to facilitate precise two-axis camera movements. Ball head mounts have quick-release ball head adapters that allow for a variety of tracking shot angles, and more flexible adjustment of your camera setup. If your slider model doesn't come with its own brakes, consider a third-party slider brake to help you lock your setup in place.
For precise video shooting, you may need motion control systems that'll smoothly and accurately pan and tilt your camera setup. If you'll be shooting on uneven terrain, go for adjustable slider feet.

Remember to shop for pro video camera slider cases that offer padding to protect your gear from bumps and dents. Also, ensure the case has enough storage space for all your gear for convenient, everyday carrying.