Computer Power

A Guide to Computer Power Supplies

PCs draw electricity from a range of computer power supplies, such as built-in batteries or power cords and adapters. Using the right equipment and power sources can also help protect devices from surges, spikes, and short circuits. Keeping crucial equipment powered is also an important step in preventing data loss.

Powering Office Equipment

Many computer workstations have several parts that need power, such as monitors, computer towers, and printers. Power strips provide multiple outlets to accommodate all of them. Surge protectors offer additional defense against electrical anomalies, such as the sudden spikes that occur during power restoration after an outage. Extension cords make it easier to connect to power strips and to outlets in hard-to-reach spots.

Computer towers also require desktop power supplies, which feature ratings like Bronze, Silver, and Gold, to indicate their power delivery capabilities and efficiency. Some models are also better suited to the demands of gaming PCs. Laptop charging carts provide convenient mobile charging stations, as well as storage for the mobile devices in the office.

Staying Charged on the Go

There are numerous options for mobile power accessories to help you if you're constantly on the go. Power adapters and laptop and desktop AC power supplies facilitate compatibility with multiple devices, bridging USB and Apple's Lightning chargers and other types of power cables. Battery packs and power banks are a convenient way to recharge phones or tablets when you're on the road or in remote locations, where no outlets are available.

Managing Power Outages with UPS Devices

UPS devices, or uninterruptible power supplies, provide reliable backup power sources for crucial equipment such as servers and networking switches. Many of them offer the benefits of surge protectors, and serve as batteries in the event of a power outage. They continue to supply power for a number of minutes, allowing you to shut down equipment responsibly to prevent data loss.

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