Computer Peripherals


Important Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals are external devices that enhance your machine's functionality through better performance, design, sound quality and more. Add-ons range from essential input devices like keyboards, to enjoyable output devices like speakers.

Whether you use your machine for work, gaming, or entertainment, peripherals can improve your system's productivity and usability. How often you use your computer, the type of work or play in which you engage, and your physical needs will determine which devices are best for you.

Popular Input Peripherals

The most important input device for your computer is the keyboard, but all computer keyboards aren't equal. With more people using computers for both work and personal use, excessive typing can lead to health problems. The creation of ergonomic computer keyboards has helped alleviate muscle and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other maladies that frequently affect users. Ergonomic keyboards come in one- or two-piece designs, allowing users the flexibility to find the most comfortable position.

The computer mouse and touchpad control the cursor. A computer stylus mouse is held like a pencil, and it comes with a specialized pad. Computer mice are available in wired or wireless connections, and are offered in ergonomic designs.

Popular Output Peripherals

Computer monitors are essential to view your computer activity. Printers are not essential, but useful if you want the convenience of printing materials from your home or office. Other popular outputs include computer speakers, gaming computer headsets, headphones, and VR headsets to enhance your music and gaming experiences. 

The acronym KVM stands for keyboard, video monitor, and mouse, and the input/output device it refers to allows you to share two computers with one keyboard, video monitor, and mouse by connecting them and their peripherals into a console that permits you to switch from one computer to the other as needed.

Whether you need to replace or upgrade one or more of your computer peripheral devices, you're interested in combining two computers with a KVM console, or you need to replace some input/output accessories, B&H Photo and Video has an assortment of quality products for your accessory needs.