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 About Hollyland Technology

Hollyland Technology is leading the way for the filmmaking industry by making wireless transmission systems affordable for all—which helps indie filmmakers who are just starting out to independent content creators compete with the big studios in terms of production quality and workflow efficiency.

From incorporating great features from the traditional SYSCOM Series system-integrational and COSMO Series professional zero-latency wireless transmission systems to low-cost MARS Series prosumer wireless
transmission systems, Hollyland products empower DSLR and mirrorless camera users to enjoy the convenience that a wireless system provides, every day.

Besides wireless video transmission systems, Hollyland wireless intercom systems help people communicate with each other more easily. Video shoot crews, production teams, or really any type of group that needs efficient and reliable group communication can benefit from these innovations.

B&H Photo stocks a wide selection of Hollyland Technology items at great prices. So whether you’re looking for affordable, portable wireless video transmission or wireless intercom systems to support your next:
  • Video project
  • Wedding livestream
  • Concert
  • Church service
  • Conference projection

Ultra-long distance, zero-latency wireless transmission

You’ll find what you’re looking for (and then some) at B&H!