Home Audio Components

Home Audio Components

Home audio equipment allows for high-quality listening that's personalized. Whether you're an audiophile or a professional DJ, there are many ways to get optimal sound quality from your home's setup and audio components—even if you have analog or digital music players.

Choosing and Maintaining a Turntable

Many turntables come in either direct drive or belt drive, each with their own advantages. DJs generally prefer direct drive, since having the motor right underneath the platter allows for greater freedom for spinning and adjusting the RPMs by hand. Belt-driven turntables are more suited to simply playing vinyl records, and some even feature Bluetooth for wireless streaming to headphones or a speaker. Keep a turntable in optimal condition with periodic replacement of the needle cartridge, and clean records with an antistatic brush.

Benefits of a Phono Preamplifier

While some turntables feature built-in amps, it's also possible to connect an external phono preamplifier. This accessory boosts the power of the signal transmitted by the cartridge and needle on the turntable, allowing you to hear it clearly. These are especially essential for older models that may not have one built in.

Playing CDs, Tapes, and More on a Home Stereo System

Setting up a home stereo and entertainment system with multiple types of players allows you more listening options, as well as the ability to convert from analog to digital. Consider CD players that play single or multiple discs, as well as cassette decks, so you can still enjoy your tape collection. Digital players support music files in MP3, WMA, and many other formats, and some models even connect to a network to access streaming services. The addition of AM/FM radio tuners lets you pick up local sports, news, and music broadcasts.

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