Tablet, Laptop & Computer Cases

Tablet Cases, Sleeves, and Bags

Today's electronics are generally thin and lightweight, which makes them easily portable, but also delicate and vulnerable to drops and bumps. The right cases protect against such hazards, keeping them from getting dents or scratches, as well as safeguarding the internal components.

Types of Tablet Cases

Formfitting cases add not only protection and peace of mind, but may also increase functionality. Hard-shell cases absorb the impact from drops, making them useful for both everyday and on-the-go use. Folio cases have folding covers that also trigger tablet sleep and wake functions for added convenience. Many cases of both types offer the option of converting into stands, propping up the tablets for more comfortable screen viewing. Other accessories, such as tablet straps, provide a more secure grip, especially when you're using a mobile device in the outdoors.

Laptop Backpacks and Other Computer Cases

Traveling with laptops requires the right carrying cases for safe transport. There are tablet sleeves with zipper closures and padding that are small enough to fit inside larger packs or satchels. Another option is laptop backpacks, which have dedicated laptop compartments, as well as room for accessories. There are also fashion-forward laptop bags that focus on style and utility. 

Transporting Larger Computers and Other Equipment

Sometimes it's necessary to take an iMac or another large computer on the road. Or you're a photographer or videographer who needs to transport camera equipment. There is a wide selection of totes and carrying bags in a range of sizes to meet varying needs. There are also hip and lumbar packs to keep memory cards and other small items within quick and easy reach.