Professional Lighting

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Learning About Professional Lighting

Adding professional lighting gear to your photography kit allows you to get more creative with your shots. You can play around with shadows, glows, sparkles, and more. While natural lighting can work well, you can only control it up to a limited point. To get complete control over the lighting of your photography, a professional video lighting kit is crucial.

Choosing Professional Photography Lighting Kits

A flash or a speedlight is a critical addition for on-site photography light because of its portability. These are a favorite for sports and wedding photographers, and are more flexible than studio strobes, as you can also mount them as professional video on-camera lights. Professional studio lighting offers stronger illumination and quicker recycle time. They also come with large-capacity professional video lighting batteries and power that you can use on-site or in the studio. Strobe lights put out light for short bursts, making them a more powerful option than continuous lights. You can use professional video background lighting kits to help you separate your subject from the background scene, creating more depth and preventing flat-looking shots. 

Professional Video Lighting Accessories

Accessories will help you to get the most out of your professional video lighting kits. There are a number of lighting accessories available. Softboxes or diffusers soften the light to create a smooth transition between dark and light areas of the image. Umbrellas also act as diffusers, and reflective umbrellas send concentrated light back to the subject. Grids and snoots focus the light down to a specific area of the subject. When the light hits the subject, it quickly falls off to leave the rest of the scene darker.

From light modifiers to professional stage lighting, browse through B&H Photo and Video's wide assortment of lighting kits to find the right photography lighting for your needs.