Mobile Photo & Video Accessories

Choosing Mobile Photo and Video Accessories

Smartphone add-on lenses, camera attachments, and other video accessories can tremendously improve your smartphone photography and videos. While the built-in lenses and sensors will have the biggest impact on the quality of your camera, these accessories can take it a notch higher.

Mobile Video Accessories

Over the years, smartphone cameras have become so good that you may wonder why they need accessories. However, these cameras lack important features, such as telephoto and wide-angle lenses, the stability to take serious video tracking shots, and the ability to work underwater. Mobile accessories will fill in the gaps of what your phone can't do.

Add-On Cameras

Boost your ability to take high-quality pictures with a smartphone add-on camera attached to the body of your phone. This accessory is especially important if you have a cell phone with a subpar camera. Note your phone brand and model to ensure compatibility.

Smartphone Camera Attachments

To take videos on your smartphone without shaking, consider smartphone attachment cases and kits. Available in both motorized and manual versions, these gadgets remove shakes and bumps in your shots to create a more cinematic video for YouTube, Facebook Live, and more. If you love taking selfies, consider getting a selfie stick or a handgrip for steadier and clearer photos.

Mobile Lights

Most smartphones have weak flashes, and some don't have them at all. If you do a lot of night shooting, you'll need mobile lights. They clamp onto your phone and sync via Bluetooth to produce flashes when shooting.

Mobile Smartphone Printers

Small, compact, and easy-to-use, mobile printers transform your digital photos into physical keepsakes. Most of them come with a reprint button that allows you to get additional copies of a photo in an instant.

Mobile Underwater Cameras and Kits

These camera add-ons come with waterproof phone cases that keep your smartphone sealed. The casing allows you to use your phone underwater, while the camera add-ons enhance your underwater photography. They're ideal for pool parties and marine life photography.

Other Essential Smartphone Accessories

If you're on the go, it's important to shop for power banks. Smartphone photography consumes a lot of power, especially with the add-on accessories and their apps. Get a power bank with an appropriate USB port that allows you to charge it with your PC via a cable. You may also want to shop for a smartphone bag that's durably built to protect your phone, and one that has enough compartments to store all your mobile accessories.

Whether you're an avid smartphone photographer or just want something to enhance your cell phone photography, rest assured that you'll find the right video accessories at B&H Photo and Video, such as mobile action cam and underwater housing.