Notebook Accessories

Shopping for Notebook Accessories

Notebook accessories allow you to customize your technological experience at home, at school, on the go, or in the office. Whether you use your computer for personal or professional projects, accessories such as stands, coolers, docking stations, and security locks give you the freedom to enhance your device's prized features and benefits.


Laptop Stands and Mounts

Use notebook stands and mounts to raise your screen a few inches, improve airflow, and stabilize your viewing experience, wherever you are. These mounting devices are designed to support a variety of Mac and PC devices, complementing a wide range of models and laptop sizes. Look for space-saving mounts such as a vertically inclined MacBook stand if you're short on space, or choose fixed designs like a sturdy base made from durable T6 aerospace aluminum if durability is crucial. Custom features such as 360-degree swivel bases offer convenience whether you're working, gaming, or just browsing.

Laptop Tethering Accessories

Simply put, notebook tethering accessories save on-location professionals time and money by connecting, or tethering, multiple devices together, creating a seamless operation. Photographers may use these linking laptop accessories to form a chain between cameras, computers, notebooks, and external storage. Choose from wireless, instant-transfer tethering tools or devices that use a cord. Tethering your equipment for a shoot allows you to:

  • Quickly review details in full resolution without wasting time enlarging images
  • Share your shots with your creative team to reinforce your design direction
  • Immediately back up images for more support than standard memory cards

Docking Stations and Port Replicators

Connect your laptop, printers, and coordinating devices to a notebook docking station and port replicator to expand your connectivity and keep your gadgets on the same network. With multiple input and output sources such as extra Ethernet ports, USB connections, enhanced resolution, and dual displays, you can handle large workloads with ease.

How Can I Keep My Laptop Cool?

Laptops feature standard cooling systems meant to keep the device from overheating, but sleek, thin-bodied designs leave less space for powerful performance systems. Notebook cooling pads increase the efficiency of your device's internal fans by adding extra airflow to keep the system's temperature low, even after hours of use. If you enjoy playing games, lying down to catch an online movie, downloading your favorite playlists, or spending your free time surfing the Web, investing in a high-efficiency cooling system can help extend the lifespan of your computer.

Single and multi-fan notebook coolers boast a variety of functional designs. Flattened laptop cooling pads feature raised mats that allow air to flow freely through your notebook. Other units are created with internal fans, adjustable speed systems, and additional USB connections, offering enhanced airflow and hours of activity.

You can find a laptop accessories kit with everything you need to fine-tune your online and offline experience. Custom tools such as keyed, combination, or fingerprint laptop locks can be paired with items such as scratch-proof pads, adjustable bases, and carrying bags for endless ways to protect your investment. Check out the selection of useful options at B&H Photo and Video to find the products that fit your needs.